Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ramen Champion

Ramen Champion, Sunnybank
One night, MXM and myself travelled to Sunnybank for some ramen in Ramen Champion. I have seen a few other bloggers who visited this place and I suggested to MXM to give this place a go.

The ordering system is quite simple, where we just order at the cash counter, pay and proceed to our seats with a waiting number. My choice that night was the Champion Ramen; consisted of pork slices in pork bone broth. MXM had the Miso Champion and the difference is the soup base, in which his was miso pork bone soup.

Champion Ramen - $9.90
Japanese gyoza - $4.90
Well, we both enjoyed the noodles. The soup broth that night was flavourful but quite 'thick'. It felt like the soup has been brewed for many many hours and has become quite concentrated. My noodles are quite fine in comparison to the Miso's noodle. I think it was all right. Their gyozas did not disappoint at all. Moreish!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

First Pour

First Pour, West End
Well, well, well.... Turning a year older is never easy and I felt like I have not achieve enough over the last year. Anyhow, certainly much has happened since my last birthday including graduating and getting a job. So that is an achievement for me. :)

I was lucky that a colleague swapped his rosters with mine so that I can have a few days off on my birthday. Yay! First up, I want some good caffeine dose and I found it in First Pour. Being a weekday, it was surprisingly difficult to find parking, probably due to the working hours.  


It was not busy at all during the morning. I wanted to try something different instead of my usual flat white, and I dare myself to try the 'Chemex' filtered coffee. Lol, remember our science project in school? I feel Chemex filtration coffee is something similar with using the filtered paper while waiting for the purified water to drip down.

That coffee was good. Surprisingly it was smooth, light and quite 'sweet'. I normally like milk in my coffee but this is delectable by it pure self. 

Food choices in First Pour is quite limited and I ordered the toasted sourdough with avocado. 

Toasted sourdough with avocado - $6.50

Do not undermine this simple mashed avocado on toasted sourdough. Somehow, I enjoyed it so much that I want more. The caramelised onions jam were so yummy and that was the first time I tried it together with the avocado. My favourite combination now!

No excuse to not have a dessert on my birthday! So I chose the orange cake...

Orange cake - $5.50

The almond orange cake was really moist and flavourful. I could not finish all of it because I was pretty full by then and was overwhelmed by the sweetness after finishing my coffee.

First Pour is certainly a great start for my birthday! :)

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Balfour Kitchen

Balfours Kitchen, Spicers Balfour Hotel, New Farm
A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday, I caught up with Lainey over high tea in Balfours Kitchen. She found out that Spicers will be ceasing the high tea service, so she quickly organise one before it ends. My experience with high tea is very limited and this is my second one so far. 

But before we start, the first question Lainey asked was whether they have their 'special potatoes'? They were not chips yet not potato gems, but potato hash looking chips. They were delicious, really moreish! 

 Right, so back to the high tea. We could order any tea and refills on the list provided. What drew my attention was the lovely tea cups and matching saucer they have! 

Our two tier of food arrived shortly after our tea. As usual, savoury at the bottom tier and sweets on the top tier.

The selection of savoury food include sandwiches, a portion of sausage roll, quiche and small selection of pickles, cheese and ham. The sandwiches were simple and consisted of cheese, cucumber and ham. The rest was all right.

Now to the sweets! I like their scones. It was light and delicious when spread with the blueberry jam and cream. I think that was the highlight for me besides the 'chips'. I found their macarons filling quite diluted and watery. The chocolate brownie and the lemon meringue tart were all right. 

Well, both of us had a good time catching up, enjoying sips of tea while we snibbled on the food. 

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