Monday, July 21, 2014

Pompidou Cafe

Pompidou Cafe, Hawthorn
I quite like the Eastern Suburbs and finally on a Saturday, I travelled to Hawthorn to catch up with MXM, who had a two hour break before his next search for his new home. Street parking is plenty around Pompidou Cafe, where we had our brunch/lunch then!

This cafe is big in comparison to other cafe and that may explain the quite long wait prior to our meals!

To start my day, I had a cappuccino, just for a change. It was pretty good. 


I was pretty hungry that day, and I want some protein in my dish. So, I chose the 'Bubble and Squeak' with crispy bacon!

Bubble and Squeak with crispy bacon, poached egg and sourdough bread - $18

It was quite a different bubble and squeak that I had tried before. Pompidou's version was made of pumpkin instead of potatoes, constructed with onions and spinach, making it quite sweet. The egg was poached to perfection, and I was satisfied with the crispy bacon. Overall, an all right dish. 

As for MXM, his choice of 'Carrot and chickpea pancakes' was more eye-catching! 

Carrot and chickpea pancakes with spinach, crushed avocado, feta cheese,
poached egg and capsicum jam - $18

What can I say? He finished everything on his plate and it was clean. I take that as a good sign that it was delicious! 

The service was friendly in Pompidou albeit it being busy. We had a good time catching up and hope he will have more luck in house hunting! 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cafe O-Mai

Cafe O-Mai, Annerley
A couple of weeks ago, I have started a new term in a new department, which is pretty enjoyable! Prior to starting, I treated myself to some brunch in Cafe O-Mai, which is a Vietnamese breakfast with Western influenced cafe. 

There's plenty of street parking available and it was really convenient! Reading through the menu, I was contemplating between traditional Vietnamese breakfast (pho), banh mi and the usual breakfast options.

Finally, I decided on the 'Aunty Five's claypot baked eggs' over the pork meatballs in rich tomato sauce...

Aunty Five's Claypot baked eggs with Vietnamese lemongrass & chilli pork sausage - $15

This Aunty Five's claypot baked eggs is certainly not the usual tomato base baked eggs that we can get from other cafe. The eggs were cooked in a base of tamarind sauce, which I think is more of on the sweeter side rather than sour. I love their pork sausage which has a hint of lemongrass and some spiciness from the chilli. Yum! 

I was tempted by their sweet corn and zucchini fritters so I ordered one as a side dish. 

Corn & zucchini fritter - $3.50

Hehe! I like their fritter. Crunchy on the edges and flavourful! :)

Well, I downed my food with a cup of flat white, which is pretty good. 

Flat White

Cafe O-Mai is a lovely place, although it can be touch busy and noisy on the weekend. Hope to return one day to try their pho and banh mi! 

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Brumby's Bakery Winter Treats

Brumby's Bakery Winter Treats - COOKIES!

Brumby's Bakery has recently joined with LINDT to create a new gourmet cookie for the winter period! I am very lucky to be able to try these hand-made and freshly baked cookies, sponsored by the team from Brumby's.

Specially delivered fresh to my place, I received these huge cookies and the first thing I did, well was to take some pictures before I quickly grab a bite. 


These chocolate cookie has a piece of Lindt chocolate button in the center and it was such a treat! The cookies ( I had two in one go) were delicious! Not overly sweet, they were crunchy and unlike the Subway cookies, they are not chewy, which is how I like them. 


I am not going to complain about the portion size! They were nearly as big as my palm!

I took some to work, and my colleague claimed it was pretty good! :)