Thursday, August 21, 2014

Esher St Cafe and Deli

Esher St Cafe and Deli, Tarragindi
Once in a while, MXM and myself would catch up for brunch and this time we visited Esher St Cafe in Tarragindi. I did not know that this cafe is actually pretty close to home. Yup, pretty clueless! This cafe is quite small and seats are available on the outside or behind the cafe.

After ordering at the counter, we found a small table outside. Wow, it was cold and windy that day! 

First up, I had my flat white while MXM had his long black. As far as I can remember, their coffee was good. 

Flat White

Long Black

I was feeling vegetarian-ish that day and opted for the 'avocado smash' while MXM had the  'haloumi stack'. 

Avocado, feta and dukka smash on toasted sourdough
with haloumi - $13.90

The avocado smash was all right. I think it may lack a little of flavour or dressing to blend all the haloumi and avocado smash together. Just a little bit dry for me, unfortunately. 

As for MXM's haloumi stack, I was tempted by the aroma of the grilled tomatoes. He seemed to enjoy them!

Local haloumi with tomato, grilled eggplant, garlic butter mushrooms, locally
made relish and toasted sourdough - $15.90

Our meeting at Esher St was a good one, with much to catch up on MXM's future plans.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Su Life Vegetarian Restaurant

Su Life Vegetarian, Upper Mount Gravatt

A couple of weeks ago, the Mr took to me to Su Life Vegetarian restaurant in Mount Gravatt. We were really contemplating of going out that night because of the heavy rain and I was drenched after taking a short walk back to home...But I am glad we did!

It has been a while since we both had vegetarian food. The Mr found out about this place and heard good reviews about it. It is a pretty small restaurant and certainly not a high end place. 

First up, we tried some of their entrees, which include the salt and pepper tofu, yam spring roll, fried chicken and pancake.

Salt and pepper tofu

Yam Spring Roll
Fried Chicken

They were all pretty good. The yam spring roll was quite delicious, more of a dessert like due to its sweetness. The fried chicken is certainly not like popcorn chicken and it tasted all right. As for the fried pancake, it was quite unique, I enjoyed the flakiness and crunch at the same time. 

We certainly tried a variety of food that night, from tofu to vegetarian prawns and even sizzling beef! 

Vegetarian Tofu

Honey sesame prawns

Sizzling Beef

Well, we had a taste of mock meat (chicken, prawns and beef) and they were certainly different from the original. It is good to venture and try something different.  Overall, good Asian vegetarian food!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shouk Cafe

Shouk Cafe, Paddington
Shouk Cafe has been under my radar for quite a while and I even suggested to visit this place over Little Brew a while ago. Finally, I had the chance to visit it! Together with Lin, we made our way to Paddington and excitedly walked into Shouk cafe. Phew, luckily seats were available in this deceptively spacious cafe. 

Shouk Cafe's Menu

Looking through the menu, I am happy to eat any of them but I know my wallet and stomach can only accommodate one... Well, the shakshuka won over me that day. Something warm and tomatoey for a cold weather!

Shakshuka - $17
Tunisian style eggs baked in rich sauce of tomato, capsicum and spices

The baked eggs were cooked well to perfection, the yolks still runny and the rich tomato sauce well-balanced. I added Merguez sausages to my dish for additional $2 and they were delicious. I am really impressed by the side brioche that accompanied this meal. The brioche was warm and so soft! It is like a 'sponge', soaking up all the sauce! Yum!

As for Lin, she tried the latke stack, which is also a winner. I had to google 'latke' and it is a type of potato pancake, I guess another version of hash brown.

Latke Stack - $16
Polish potato pancake stack with smoked salmon, two poached eggs,
cream cheese, dill and pickled red onions

The Latke stack was beautifully presented and Lin commented they were delicious! I tried the potato pancake with some smoked salmon and I love it! The potato pancakes were crispy and addictively moreish. 

Service can be quite slow here but luckily I had a good company and we chat and chat over coffee. 

Flat White

Both of us had an enjoyable time in Shouk Cafe. I hope that I can return to this place sometime in the future!

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