Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Izakaya Wagaya

Izakaya Wagaya, Fortitude Valley
Wagaya restaurant has always been a favourite place of mine to visit and I was excited to be invited to dine here! Finally after much rescheduling, I visited this place with MXM, who has not been here before. Lol, I guess the reviews will be quite fair then!

To those who have not been here before, Wagaya offers an electronic ordering system and we can browse the monitor for their menu. Ordering is simple just by clicking on the items! Let's begin! Trying to be fair and equal, we tried to order an item from each category....

First up, we tried their salmon belly sushi. The fresh salmon was delectable and we enjoyed it. 
Salmon belly sushi - $9.80

Next, we tried one of the kingfish roll and I think this combination was all right. I have tried other sushi rolls in Wagaya before and my favourite combination was probably the Dragon Roll (eel) or Spider (soft shell crab) rolls. The proportion of sushi rice to the filling was just right. Yummy!

Kingfish sushi roll

Wagaya certainly offers a variety of food and one of them is hotpot. Lacking of vegetables dish for our dinner, we opted for the vegetable hot pot, which is cooked in the miso broth. The hot pot was all right. It has a mixture of vegetables (mushrooms, pumpkins, potatos, carrots, noodles) cooked in miso broth.

Vegetable Hot Pot - $13

Among the grilled dishes, I chose the squid, mostly because it requires good and perfect cooking time. Wagaya certainly did not disappoint and the squid was grilled to near perfection. With a bit of lime juice and mayonnaise, the tender squid was delicious! Oishii!

Grilled squid - $15.80

I think ramen is a must try in Japanese restaurant, so we ordered the Tonkotsu based ramen. Their ramen is quite tasty with a flavourful pork based soup. Hmm... I just wasn't sure whether there was any pork slices in the ramen??? I did searched for it but unfortunately there was none. 

Tonkotsu Based Ramen - $10

Well, we both agree that this is the best meal of the night, which is the spicy chicken karaage. The chicken is superbly tender and flavourful. The addition of spicy sauce gave it some kick, but otherwise not too spicy. So good!

Spicy Chicken Karaage - $8.80
To end the night, we had some green tea ice cream, which is one of my favourite flavours and they certainly did not disappoint. It was smooth and creamy, with strong green tea flavour, which is how I like it. :)

Green Tea Ice cream - $4.90

We both enjoyed the dining experience here. The food arrived pretty swiftly and the service was easy by just pressing the 'call button'. I am looking forward to trying other dishes that they offer. Thank you Wagaya! 

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Pine and Bamboo

Pine and Bamboo, Cannon Hill
On one of the formal dinner with the family and special guests from Sydney, the Mr organised a get together at Pine and Bamboo, which is famous for their Peking Duck. This restaurant has been established for a long time and it is still standing strong. 

I cannot deny it but I am a big fan of Peking Duck and I would have to agree that this is one of the best one in Queensland. The Peking duck skin is sliced in front of you and they are crispy and nearly 'fat-free'... So moreish!


The Peking duck skin is served with sliced cucumber and spring onions' stalk with their special sauce. One of our guests is a chef, and he commented that the sauce is excellent! I certainly enjoyed my Peking duck wrap!


The Peking duck can be served in two or three courses and we opted for two courses. In our second course, we opted for duck noodles instead of the 'sang choy bow'. They were quite good. As for our other main meals, we had stir fried bok choy with garlic, a seafood basket and 'egg with fish' dish.


I would have to say that our favourite meals (Mr and myself) was the seafood basket. The potato basket was crunchy, and the stir fried seafood (prawns, squid, scallops with vegetables) were simple and delectable.


I am really lucky because I tend to be pampered with dessert... Hehe! Rather than fried ice cream (especially not with the recent scare), we had the red bean pancake. It was not really a 'pancake' but more like a crispy fritter. The pastry was so crispy! 

Well, we certainly had an enjoyable time here. The Peking Duck also the most expensive ones in Brisbane, is good. That is certainly the highlight of the night for us...

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Moose and Gibson

Moose and Gibson, Woolloongabba
It is quite a rare occasion that the Mr would agree for a breakfast with me outside especially on a super hot day! Finally after a few detours looking for cafe, we finally settled on Moose and Gibson. I rarely order cold drinks but I just had to on that day! The Mr had the iced coffee while I tried the iced mocha. They came with ice cream, topped with whipped cream. Trying to be health conscious, I scooped out the cream. :)

Ice Coffee and Iced Chocolate

The 'Baked Potted Eggs' were pretty scrumptious! The combination of chorizo, tomato sauce and olive tapenade certainly did not disappoint. As usual, I would like to have more toasted bread, ciabatta in this case to soak up all the sauce! Don't you agree it was a hot day? The butter was already melting...

Baked Potted Eggs - $16.90

Avocado with poached eggs - $13.90
Our other meal was the 'Avocado with Poached Eggs', it was simple and quite satisfying. It was certainly a memorable breakfast for me, mostly because it was a pretty hot day!

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